.Paradox Kinetics

Our goal.

Our goal is not to replace the bicycle, it is to add a new dimension to it. We’re not replacing the pedals, but rather giving them more power.

We’re not chasing a problem trying to solve it, we’re giving the rider a new option: another exciting choice to make!


What Publishers Say.

The engine's power is devastating and can reach quickly and effortlessly the beginning of the descent.

Roberto Diani

Whether you’re pro e-bike or think they’re pure sacrilege, the Paradox guys have developed an impressive high power e-bike motor system that turns that out-of-date heap in to a hell of a lot of fun.

Joe Hayhow
Factory Jackson

We have been testing the engine made in Greece Paradox Kinetics for several days, it is an electric kit that turns any bicycle into an electric bike of 1500 Watts of power and that will climb you to the top to make your favorite path.

Paradox Kinetics electric motor gives you the possibility to upgrade your fantastic bike in a super power ebike .
It gives you the freedom to go everywhere easily.
Paradox Kinetics.....always ready for your ride.

Free Ride Italy

The ride was mindblowing, in case the battery is in the backpack keeps the bike lightweight and agile.
The purpose of Hermes is in my opinion not to go faster, it's further, it's not to uplift easy, it's about to rise the level of difficulty on your way up and enjoy the fun of riding up - and downhill.
To make a long story short: if the messenger of Twelve Olympians Gods would still be alive today he'd ride a Paradox Kinetics powered bike.

Reto Thommen