Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you have experience working on bikes. Having fixed bottom brackets is a plus. We can guide individuals who wish to install on their own. It is, however, easier to have the Hermes kit installed at your local bike shop. An intuitive installation guide is also included with every kit.

Our main goal in designing our electric mountain bike systems is to provide the best possible riding experience. We have tested batteries on and off the frame, and we have found that moving the weight from the frame to the rider makes for a more agile bike, more responsive suspension, and the best ride of any eMTB! If you prefer a battery mounted to the frame, there are other good options available in the market.

No, Hermes is inteded for off-road use. Ride on your own land, in private bike parks, DH, ski resorts and land with permission.

The warranty for the Motor kit, and all its components, is 3 years. Only the Battery and Charger have a separate warranty of 1 year.

The batteries designed for Hermes eMTB Kit fulfil the top quality and safety standards in the industry. Current safety technology included is cell-level fusing. This means there is a fuse on every single cell. High quality battery management systems (BMS) are used that monitor cell groups and battery temperature. The battery packs have multi-layer impact protection cases to resist the toughest possible crashes in extreme mountain use. The BMS also protects against over-discharge, over-charge and short-circuit.

The kit is all-inclusive: A Motor, a battery, charger, BB, backpack, throttle, mounting brackets, screws, etc. If you have a ready working bicycle, then the kit contains everything you need to convert your bike to a high performance eMTB!