Yes. The batteries used with Hermes us Panasonic PF cells and each sell is individually fused. The battery pack has a water resistant hard case and battery management system that protects against over discharge, over charge and balances the cells.

The warranty for the Hermes Motor (mechanical and electronic components) is 2 years. The warranty for batteries supplied for Hermes is 1 year.

We currently do not offer a motor that complies with EU or US e-bike street regulations. Our products are for off-road private-track use only. Hermes can be integrated into a frame to produce an S-Pedelec bike, and we encourage any manufacturers who are interested to contact us!

Our main goal in designing our motors is to provide the best possible riding experience. We tested batteries on and off the frame, and we found that moving the weight from the frame to the rider provided better weight distribution, more responsive suspension, a more agile bike, and a the best ride of any eMTB! The batteries can also be strapped to the frame, and Frame Mount batteries that bolt onto some frames are also available.

Yes, if you are bicycle mechanic with significant experience working on bottom brackets. We still always recommend having Hermes kit installed at an electric bicycle shop, or any bicycle shop. That way a current professional bicycle mechanic will work on it. We offer support and training to bike shops doing installs. We offer remote support to individuals who wish to install on their own.

The kit is all-inclusive! A Motor, a battery, charger, BB kit, backpack, and throttle. If you have a ready working bicycle, then the kit contains everything you need to convert it. No unnecessary extras included - only the essential parts. Let us know if you would like anything else and we have it.

Yes! The motor can be mounted to virtually all mountain bikes (95%). Even most non-mountain bikes are compatible.

Yes, we do!
You may contact us by email at info@paradoxkinetics.com for more details.

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