Powerful and lightweight, rideable by anyone

A powerful yet easy to ride motor. Ideal for all skill levels. 1500W power output gives you a thrilling off-road experience you never thought possible.

eMTBs equipped with the Hermes motor may only be driven off-road on private tracks.



Top Speed


Riding Time



Patented design, mounts on almost any bicycle frame

Gorgeous hand-laid Carbon.

30-50km range
3.6Kg on-frame

Why Hermes

Hermes is a high torque, high power eBike motor kit with a large battery that can support long rides. It is designed specifically for the needs of extreme offroad, enduro and downhill styles.

With Hermes 1500W mid-drive: ride just as hard, go twice as fast, and twice as far. Our eMTB motors transform your bike – not into a motorcycle, but something perfectly balanced between the two. The bike retains its essential bike-ness; a lightweight, agile, exciting ride. You heart keeps racing, the intense speed and one-ness with the trail is all there.

Then add in the Paradox Kinetics experience: climb fast and hit the trail even harder. Fly off the kicker, breeze over the drop, cruise along the mountain roads, an extra dose of freedom. Hermes motor was designed with utmost respect for the philosophy of the bicycle. You will feel constantly connected to the ground and have immediate direct feedback; instant power when you want it, silence when you don’t.

Cutting edge surface treatments ensure durability and beauty Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum torque and efficiency

No Limits

temp HEAT
dirst MUD
snow FROST
drops WATER

What's included

Drive Unit

BB Kit + eBike Chain

Thumb Throttle

Battery and Charger

Backpack with Power Wiring

Color Options